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Discover How  to ♦ Apply Tags to subscribers based on behaviors, ♦ Set Triggers, ♦  Apply Actions with ‘if this, then that’ scenarios, ♦ setup Automation Rules, ♦ use Timed Delays, ♦ Synchronize Events, ♦ Integrate with Cloud-Based Apps, ♦ Import Subscribers from other Accounts, ♦ Track and Report Your Email Stats, ♦ What Actions to Take to Increase Email Revenue… plus so much more!

If you had to start from the very beginning and build your entire business from scratch, I would tell you the following: “Build a list!”
And the reason is simple… It’s a lot harder to get a new customer then it is to sell to an existing one: Fact!

When you have a list built you can drive traffic at will to any site you choose that is in line with what your subscribers want, and that means that you can effectively write your own pay check….
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List traffic is hands down the best type of traffic you’ll ever send to your website or affiliate offers and undoubtedly gives you the best
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Afterall, people who actively put their hands up and say ‘yes I want to learn more from you and what you have to offer‘ are far more
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Whether you like it or not, the truth is you NEED to build a RESPONSIVE list because let’s face it… if you were already crushing it online
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Introducing the Autoresponder Video Course
80+ Video Lessons to Unlock Powerful New Autoresponder Features to
Take Your Email Marketing and Sales Funnels to the Next Level!… A Refreshed Course for 2021 And Beyond

The profit is in the details… Every lesson has been designed to help you get the most from your email list so you can target the right message to the right subscribers, send out the right offer to the right person, and send out the right offers at the right time… so you can build an extremely profitable sales funnel.

Lesson 1 – Aweber Overview

This video gives an overview of how email automation traditionally worked and how
Aweber’s new Campaigns automation feature integrates with traditional email
automation and how it introduces new

Lesson 2 – List Creation and Settings

You see how to change company default information, as well as how to describe the list, change the message language, and customize the subject line.

Lesson 3 – List Creation and
Settings Part 2

This tutorial shows how to get notification of new subscribers. You also see how to personalize a list with company branding and social media/sharing, as well as
customize the confirmation message settings.

Lesson 4 – Importing Subscribers

You learn how to use the Manage Subscriber feature to manually add
subscribers or do so automatically with a CSV file. The lesson covers mapping
subscriber info, outlining how they joined the list, and adding tags.

Lesson 5 – Setup Forms

Aweber has a template gallery for you to design sign up forms in. The video shows how to create and customize sign up forms in Aweber, then publish them on the
company website. 

Lesson 6 – Sending
Broadcasts Part

In this lesson, you see how to send an email
in real time or at a specific time. Email templates and personalization/editing tools, as well as a Spam Score Analyzer, are available in Aweber

Lesson 7 – Sending
Broadcasts Part 2

This tutorial covers scheduling a broadcast by creating a broadcast archive. It also include setting up tag automations and determining who the email is sent to and when.

Lesson 8 – Follow Ups

You see how to use Aweber to add an initial email to a follow up series and how to add more emails to follow it after set wait times.

Lesson 9 – Blog Broadcast

Aweber lets you update your subscribers every time you update your blog. This video
shows how to automatically pull a blog post into an email newsletter that is sent at a
chosen time.

We ain’t done yet, Here is what you will get from Lesson 10 – Lesson 81

Lesson 10 – Basic
Automation Setting up basic list automation rules using the List Options feature is covered in this lesson.

Lesson 11 – Tracking
You see how to use the Analytics Setup in the Reports tab to track individuals as they land on specific pages on the company website.

♥  Lesson 12 – Reports
This tutorial looks at reports for tracking how an email performs with specific lists, as well as how to download the report into a CSV file or add it to the Dashboard.

Lesson 13 – Parsing and Integrations
In this video, you see how you can integrate lists with shopping carts and other third-party applications. You also see how to find available integrations and forego using a parser.

♥ Lesson 14 – Introduction to Campaigns

This lesson provides an overview of where campaigns can be applied, such as using tags when adding subscribers or creating forms. The issue of what to do with information in Custom Fields is introduced.

♥ Lesson 15 – Creating Messages
You see how to create a campaign with messages and triggers that are specific to only some individuals on a list so as to better market to them.

♥ Lesson 16 – Creating a Trigger and Using a Canvas

In this video, you are shown how to add one or more filters to serve as triggers for messages in campaigns.

♥ Lesson 17 – Choosing Actions

The Send a Message option in the Actions tab is explored in this tutorial. You see how to add several messages that were written in advance to a campaign.

♥ Lesson 18 – Customize the Action
You learn how to customize message actions with automations by including more triggers, such as opening a message or clicking a link

♥ Lesson 19 – Activation and Editing
In this lesson, you see how to activate, close, or stop a campaign. You are also shown how to edit the campaign with new filters/triggers and then reactivate the campaign.

♥ Lesson 20 – Wait Time Feature
This lesson covers using specific actions in the Wait Time feature to vary the conditions of a campaign and customize it as needed.

♥ Lesson 21 – Campaign Segmentation
This video gives you a brief introduction to the Aweber list segmentation feature, Campaigns. The feature has two standards to choose from: On Subscribe and Tag Applied.

♥ Lesson 22 – Tag-Based Campaign
Subscribers can be categorized by applying various tags. In this lesson, you learn how you can apply tags to and remove tags from a subscriber.

♥ Lesson 23 – Tagging Through Forms
In this tutorial, you learn how to edit forms so they automatically tag anyone who submits them. The Form Automation process can also be done with newly created forms.

♥ Lesson 24 – Manually Tagging Existing Subscribers
This video goes through the Manage Subscribers feature. It shows you how you can manually tag and un-tag individual subscribers within a specific list.

♥ Lesson 25 – Bulk Tagging Subscribers
Individual tagging of subscribers can be tedious for large lists. You learn how you can use Aweber to tag up to 100 subscribers at a time in the Manage Subscribers feature.

♥ Lesson 26 – Importing Subscribers from One Campaign to Another
Aweber lets you copy and move subscribers so you can create and manage multiple follow up series all within the same list. You see how this is done in this lesson.

♥ Lesson 27 – Trigger Campaigns with Tags
In this tutorial, you learn how to start multiple campaigns in one list by doing a Tag Applied campaign and creating exceptions to refine which subscribers get specific messages.

♥ Lesson 28 – Broadcasting to a Tag Segment
Aweber lets you segment messages based on subscribers’ reaction to emails sent. This video shows you how you can send a message to a segment of subscribers with a specific tag.

♥ Lesson 29 – Adding Previously Sent Broadcasts to a Campaign
You sometimes want to reuse a well performing broadcast email with a campaign. You are shown how to copy the email and apply it to a new campaign.

♥ Lesson 30 – Customers Resigning up for Your List
The Aweber email marketing list recognizes an individual who signs up on multiple forms. This tutorial shows how to remove tags to avoid sending them multiple messages at the same time.

♥ Lesson 31 – Tagging Customers Through an API
This lesson shows you how the On Subscribe feature is used to tag a customer coming in through an API by adding a “Source is API” filter. You also see how to tag email automations for that customer.

♥ Lesson 32 – Live Example New Subscriber Campaign
In this video, you see how to create a specific list – from setting up company information to describing the list, creating sign up forms with tags, and using
campaigns to send emails to the list.

♥ Lesson 33 – Live Example Message Creation
You are shown how to draft email messages and prepare to use them in the On Subscribe feature.

♥ Lesson 34 -Live Example Campaign Creation Trigger
In this tutorial, you are working inside a campaign trigger and adding filters to help you customize campaigns for groups of customers.

♥ Lesson 35 – Campaign Trigger Customization
Separating segments of a campaign and adding messages to the campaign are covered in this lesson. You also see how to add automation to a specific message within the campaign

♥ Lesson 36 – Live Example Message Send and Selection
In this video, you learn how to add tags in the Add Automation feature of messages being sent to a particular segment of the customers. You now have two campaigns running simultaneously.

♥ Lesson 37 – Live Example Wait Time

This lesson shows how you can change the Wait Time to control the length of a campaign and get parallel campaigns to end at the same time. You are also shown how to set a specific time for message delivery.

♥ Lesson 38 – Live Example Applying Tags and Saving Campaign

You see how to use Aweber to apply a final wait time, add new tags, and remove old tags to transition customers who have completed a campaign.

♥ Lesson 39 – Live Example Sending a Broadcast After the Campaign
In this tutorial, you learn how to segment customers after a campaign and schedule a broadcast message for that new segment.

♥ Lesson 40 – Aweber Summary

Review of how you use Aweber to create campaigns based on customers’ reaction to emails, completion of campaigns, and use of webforms. The video also reviews creating message automation with the use of tags.

♥ Lesson 41 – Get Response Overview
This is an introduction to the four main features of the Get Response Platform – Email Marketing, Marketing Automation, Landing Pages, and Webinars. The areas to be covered in the course are outlined here.

♥ Lesson 42 – Pricing and Account Opening
Get Response has four different packages that are scalable according to features, list size, and length of subscription. You see what the various prices are like and how to set up an account using the “1-month Free trial with no credit card” option.

♥ Lesson 43 – Account Settings

In this lesson, you take a look inside the Manage Account tab with particular focus on the GetResponse badge, as well as how to create and use GDPR fields.

♥ Lesson 44 – Creating Lists Part 1
This video takes you through creating your contact lists with general settings and settings specific to your subscription package. Managing the list, in terms of what pages your customers see, is also covered.

♥ Lesson 45 – Creating Lists Part 2
In this tutorial on how to create a contact list, the focus is on the settings available in the Confirmation Message tab. You get several handy tips on how to format and customize the message to make it more personalized and avoid it going to Spam.

♥ Lesson 46 – Creating Sign Up Forms Part 1
You are guided in how to use the form creation wizard in the Forms and Surveys tab. Specifically, you will see how to edit a blank, transparent form and accompanying Thank You page. Choices for how the form is published will also be covered

♥ Lesson 47 – Creating Sign Up Forms Part 2
Using a previously created form, you will see how to use the HTML code for the form to add the form to a website.

♥ Lesson 48 – Importing and Adding Contacts
This video shows the different options for importing and adding contacts. It includes one-by-one manual contact addition, as well as using a CSV file or external service to add or update contacts.

♥ Lesson 49 – Managing Lists 

Learn how to use the GetResponse List Hygiene feature to blacklist contacts globally or from specific lists. You will also be shown how to delete contacts By Hand or by creating a deletion rule.

♥ Lesson 50 – Suppression Lists

In this lesson, you are shown how to use a Suppression List to keep someone from getting a particular email while they still remain subscribed.

♥ Lesson 51 – Creating
Learn how the Drag-and-Drop Email Editor is used to create newsletters, aka broadcast emails. Features highlighted include newsletter settings; Get Response predesigned templates or starting from scratch; including and excluding recipients; and determining when the email is sent.

♥ Lesson 52 – Creating
Autoresponder Follow Ups The autoresponder or follow up email is the focus of this video. Setting up the autoresponder and using a blank template
to format email are covered, along with when this email and subsequent emails are sent.

♥ Lesson 53 – Creating Landing Pages Part 1
In this tutorial, you are shown how to edit elements of design templates in the Get Response Landing Pages feature.

♥ Lesson 54 – Creating Landing Pages Part 2
This video covers how you customize a Thank You page to go with a Landing Page you have already generated. You will find out how to edit by adding video, social media buttons, etc.

Lesson 55 – Create and Deploy Surveys Part 1

The Get Response platform allows you to create and manage surveys. This lesson shows how it is done, beginning with the Survey Settings then choosing the type of survey questions and customizing the questions.

♥ Lesson 56 – Create and Deploy Surveys Part 2
Here you will see how to edit and customize some of the types of survey questions offered in GetResponse. The lesson also includes how to publish and view your survey once it is complete.

♥ Lesson 57 – Pre-Loading Messages
This video covers how to use email messages from other accounts and other lists. The available options, such as the source, message type, and destination are looked at.

♥ Lesson 58 – Analytics
In this lesson, you learn how to access statistics from within the Email Marketing dashboard. Analytics are available for  individual lists, individual messages, and set periods of time. You will also see how Get Response lets you create messages for specific groups from the analytics. 

♥ Lesson 59 – GetResponse Integrations

The Get Response Integrations and API links how you which other cloud-based services and third-party systems the platform has integrations with. Others go through the API. The video covers both scenarios.

♥ Lesson 60 – Webinars
In this tutorial, you are guided in creating your first webinar. The video goes through editing the template, selecting recipients, testing the link, and joining as presenter.

♥ Lesson 61 – GetResponse Basic Summary
A review of the features of GetResponse covered in the course along with a look at how they can be used together for automation of a workflow.

♥ Lesson 62 – GetResponse Advance Overview
In this video, you get an introduction to the email Automation feature in the Get Response dashboard.

♥ Lesson 63 – Templates for Automation
This lesson explores how to select and save a new Get Response automation template or import a template from another account.

♥ Lesson 64 – Workflow Automation from Scratch
Apart from using templates, Get Response lets you build an automation from scratch. This tutorial introduces how it is done, along with prerequisites and the processes you can select to start with.

♥ Lesson 65 – Starting the Automation Process Basic Triggers
This lesson looks at the various triggers used in GetResponse to send messages based on customer actions.

♥ Lesson 66 – Starting the Automaton Process Tag Based Triggers
In this tutorial, you cover how to set the automation process in motion for subscribers that you previously tag. You also see how to create and add tags.

♥ Lesson 67 – Starting the Automation Process E- Commerce Triggers
Some purchased versions of Get Response include the option to add one or more of three e-commerce filters. In this video, you are given an explanation of how these filters are applied and how they work.

♥ Lesson 68 – Customizing Conditions or Triggers
This video runs through how the properties of triggers are used to customize the triggers and the start of the automation process.

♥ Lesson 69 – Basic Actions
Basic actions are in the second section of the Get Response workflow. This lesson shows you the drag and drop options available, including sending a message, copying or moving the list, and adding wait time.

♥ Lesson 70 – Tagging Based Actions

The second section of the Get Response workflow includes actions for Tags and Scoring. You see how you can connect tagging to a selected trigger activity.

♥ Lesson 71 – Customizing Actions

In this video, you are shown how to use the Properties tab to customize Actions after they are connected to trigger activities.

♥ Lesson 72 – Customizing Filters Part 1
Get Response has filters in the third section of the workflow to make the it more specific and personalized. This lesson shows you that you can duplicate workflows and then customize the copy for other customer segments.

♥ Lesson 73 – Customizing Filters Part 2
You see how to customize a filter in the Properties tab of the Get Response workflow page.

♥ Lesson 74 – Live Example Setting a Trigger
You go through creating a workflow and building an automation from scratch, using the example of a specific list generated by a landing page. You also see how to select and customize the list trigger.

♥ Lesson 75 – Live Example Setting an Action
In this video, you see how to customize the Wait and Copy to List actions, as well as send a specific message to the individuals on the lists.

♥ Lesson 76 – Live Example Creating Filters

The tutorial goes through how to set a filter to follow the pre-set actions and then how to connect a message to the filter.

♥ Lesson 77 – Live Example Tagging

Learn how to tag individuals to whom a filter applies, including having the tags separate the segment into two campaigns.

♥ Lesson 78 – Live Example Setting a Tag Based Campaign Trigger

In this video, you see how to create a new workflow based on a tag that was set in a different workflow.

♥ Lesson 79 – Live Example Setting a Tag Based Campaign Action

You see how to move individuals to a new list so as to set up a follow up campaign. Included in the process is how to add wait time and a new message to the customized workflow. 

♥ Lesson 80 – Live Example Setting a Tag Based Campaign Filter

This tutorial goes through setting a filter to further customize an action. In particular, it looks at how to set the Amount filter and send that specific number of contacts a pre- written message 

♥ Lesson 81 – Get Response Advance Summary

Here you get a review of the basics of managing workflows through automations using Get Response, from selecting triggers, actions, and filters to chaining workflows together.

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