Master The Art Of Selling

No matter what you’re selling you need to first of all create interest and desire then overcome objections and close the deal.

Remember the first person who speaks, loses! This whole formula was taught to me 35 years ago when I was selling portraits for Olan Mills and it works with any product you are selling.

Starting with creating interest and desire if you’re showing a house you need to show all the good points all the positives make it a desirable item as far as overcoming objections you want to overcome them before they happen. Say a couple is looking at a house they love but it’s pricey and they don’t need the basement area.

When you create interest and desire showing them how great the house is, mention the basement could be converted to a basement apartment which could help with the payment. And finally closing the deal.

After you have done the other steps just be quiet. The buyer will speak first if you “sold” them. Inevitably they will ask you a question which is a buying sign. But if it’s you selling the product that speaks first you’re going to lose.

It will appear your nervous and pushy and they have lost interest. Never ask them a question that could be answered with a yes or no. Such as- Do you like this house?they’re going to protect themselves and say no so that you don’t know what they’re they’re thinking.

Instead you would say something like what do you think about the kitchen and the upgrades? And just listen to the buyer you’ll hear buying signs all over the place and don’t talk too much.

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